But it is any good? – July 2007

So just how do you judge something? Functionality, relevance, uniqueness, branding or reputation? We brought together a diverse group of creatives to ponder the process of judging and being judged.

The event was held in the undercroft of the Banqueting House, Whitehall – a suitably grand setting and favourite drinking den of James I’s. It was fitting that Geetie Singh started the discussion. Geetie is used to navigating unchartered territory; in 1998 she set up London’s first completely organic pub – The Duke of Cambridge – when “locally grown” still conjured up images of Tom and Barbara Good. Advised at the time not to flash her green credentials she is now celebrated as a forerunner of the new green economy.

From one inspiring business woman to another, Geetie handed over to Theodora Mantzaris, Creative Director of the Athens Olympics and consultant to upcoming Beijing and Vancouver games, who talked about the pressure of winning the publics’ hearts and minds when designing a high profile global brand campaign.

Violinist Hilary Sturt and cellist Ian Pressland stirred up the audience with a series of highly charged recitals, a mix of rehearsed and improvised performances.

Resident of Croydon and passionate suburbanite, Vincent Lacovara, director of AOC Architecture and urban designer, Croydon Council made a case for the ubiquitous semi as a house type which satisfies the very British obsession with building up and out, making our house our own.

Copywriter Will Lowe and art director Victor Monclus screened award-winning campaigns by their ad agency DOB and ran a poll asking us to vote with our gut reaction without the aid of a brief or info on the company, prompting a discussion on the relevance of industry awards.

The event was chaired by Zoe Whitley, curator of contemporary programmes, V&A.

The event illustrator was Fumi Yamamoto, the photographer was Andrew Lamb and resident DJ Simon White presented the good, the bad and the ugly sounds of cinema.