Creating big ideas – November 2005

In their book “Big Ideas for Ambitious Brands”, Clemmow Hornby Inge describe how they turn good ideas into enduring advertising campaigns. We all remember the campaigns for Tango, British Gas and the Carphone Warehouse. The success of such ads has ensured notoriety for their clients and firmly established CHI as one of Britain’s leading agencies, guaranteeing the company a large piece of the advertising pie.

Simon Clemmow and Charles Inge, two of the founding directors of CHI welcomed us into their world at their offices in Soho to get an insider’s view.

Rachel Smart grilled the boys about what they would and wouldn’t do. Candid Clemmow told us that they leave their personal principals at the door and will consider any project provided it’s legal. The event was photographed by Sarah Curtice and illustrated by John Hayward and was held at CHl’s headquarters in Soho.