5-9 (the things people do after work) – December 2006

The 9-5’s over for another day. So what happens next? Do you go home and veg in front of the tv? Or has your day just begun?

For the sixth at abrahams event we ventured beyond the daily working grind, gathering at the St Aloysius Social Club to seek inspiration from a group of individuals all of whom are making things happen outside of the working day.

From Guardian writers Laura Barton and Amy Fleming, who told us about their adventures at an American rock camp, to man-about-town Simon Rodway who took us on a whistle-stop trip through his Silver Cane Tours. Founder of Blind Summit Theatre, Mark Down, opened our eyes to the magic of theatre puppetry and Stuart Brown took us through the trials and tribulations of racing round France in an old banger. We were charmed by the hidden gems inside artist John Hayward’s vending machines and captivated by the quirky self-published books and collections of ephemera of Mark Pawson, the ultimate 5-9er who proudly announced that he had never had a 9-5 job in his life.

All in all, quite a mixed bag, and with writer, director and TV presenter Ben Lewis as ‘host with the most’, providing running commentary and questions, it made for an entertaining and highly memorable evening.

James Hamilton Butler illustrated the evenings goings-on, whilst Edward Webb took the photographs. DJ Simon White warmed up the audience playing a selection of eclectic and classic film soundtracks.